Status update: Moving to 3d

As I shift into working on more 3d projects, for the time being, 2d artwork commissions will be closed for a good while. You will still be able to support me by purchasing my models from Gumroad if you wish, or donating via kofi or Patreon.

I want to move into game development, and I may reintroduce 2d when working on the artwork for games I make. For now though, if you can expect a majority of my content to surround 3d artwork and asset creation.

As for 3d commissions, considering the tight nature of my schedule, I’m only able to open privately for select individuals, so if you’re interested let me know – I may not be able to take your commission at all, but I only charge when I start working on a commission so don’t be afraid to ask and potentially get selected for the next commission project. I’ll be transparent and admit that I select based on what works for my workflow – It’s not entirely random, so overly-complex designs probably won’t be selected.

I’m settling into doing 2 models per month – February was a tough month and i wasn’t able to focus on quality since I made around 4 models that month. This month (March 2022) I did 2 models with relatively greater quality – Something I want to maintain going forward. I may make more depending on my financial situation.

This is not a permanent dismissal of 2d projects though – As I slowly gain skills for my eventual shift into game development, I plan on reintroducing 2d for visual flare and character art that could benefit from the format.