I’ll do both!

I’ve brought myself to reintroduce 2d comms on occasion, and on top of 3d model sales, it’s been treating me nicely! Expect more comm slots in the future. I’ve also jumped onto Meow.Social, a mastodon-based furry social media network. Mastodon is open source, non-profit, and a solid alternative to Twitter. (Trying to lay out my… Continue reading I’ll do both!

January comms opened!

Details are available here. You can also view & share the tweet by clicking on the “Commission Info” button in the “Find me here:” panel.

Changes to the site will come soon! I’m sorting out how to work with website creation stuff. I plan on making this a gallery site with business information, while also listing bigger upcoming projects on top of that when i get around to working on the big stuff.

Now, here you can find my pages listed a bit more neatly than before. Think of it as a business card in website form.

Links are on the right for desktop, look below if you’re on mobile.

Direct contact information:

Twitter: @Reptilligator
Furaffinity: Reptilligator
Itaku: Reptilligator
Discord: @Reptilligator
Email: [email protected]